Sliding Systems

Sliding System ALBIO




ALBIO 225 Thermal-Break Sliding system

Albio 225 offers high insulation performance thanks to the thermal-breaking system, even on intense weather conditions. The sash and frame profiles come with 24mm polyamide bars. With 38mm sash width, the system offers excellent thermal insulation. A special deature of the system is the option of embedding a stainless steel rail into the frame profile for great funtionality and durability. Its design includes two different patterns, flat and oval.

Applications: Window, balcony doors, successive or built-in, etc.


ALBIO 205 Sliding

Albio 205 with a classical design is the ideal solution for renovating any construction. The water-tightness is accomplished with strip-brushes and gaskets that apply to both sash and rail. Distinctive quality and durability make it ideal for renovating any construction. Available in two different profile designs oval and embossed.


ALBIO 215 Sliding

Albio 215 distinctive characteristic is the 38mm sash width. A great advantage of the system is the 30mm rollerm which improves the sliding ability of the sash on the rail. The sash profile is available in flat and oval pattern, offering a variety of options on design an aesthetics.

Applications: Windows, balcony doors, successive or built-in, etc.


ALBIO 220 Sliding

The new sliding system has been created based on the predecessor system Albio 215. The system differentiates itself thanks to an inox rail that is also available in polyamide and aluminium. The stylish patterns as well as the different versions of profiles, create a number of choices for every application. The rail profiles embed a slot, special designed to allow the slide of the 38mm width on the rail.

Applications: Windows, balcony, doors, successive or built-in, etc.


ALBIO 305-300 Sliding

This sliding system is recommended for low cost constructions without lacking in elegance and design. The simple design of Albio 305-300, combined with the reduced weight of the profiles, renders this system ideal for practical and inexpensive applications.