• BOND is approved in building applications. That means no restrictions in design and construction.
  • Fire classification approved for most building applications in many countries (refer to fire classifications, page…).
  • Lightness, extreme rigidity and a flat surface, mean low costs for supporting structures and fasteners.
  • Can easily be folded and shaped using simple, conventional tools.
  • Environmentally friendly because all materials are fully recyclable.
  • Bond can be easily cleaned and maintained by simply washing them with a sponge or a soft bristled brush and a solution of mild detergent and water to restore the pane’s original appearance.



Line cuts

Bond recommended extra fine, carbide tipped cutting blade with vertical or horizontal panel saws. Sawing and touting bond are relatively easy processes that can be done with ordinary commercial woodworking equipment. In order to eliminate the problem of cutting edge with ragged we recommend using extra fine cutting blade teeth. Be sure to secure the panel on the panel saws carefully to get the actual dimensions required of the finish product.

Routed cuts

Bond recommended using conventional circular saw with standard bits that machined to a 90 to 105 VEE. Meanwhile, the bottom of groove should be controlled between 1 mm and 2 mm, so that is important to select the right routing bit. During the process of routing, it is very important not to remove all of the PE core material from the back of the uncut aluminium skin. We recommend PE core material remaining after route is made within 0.3mm~0.5mm same thickness as the aluminium skin. This material provides a smooth radius bend line to be formed and will benefit the protection of aluminium skin forever. After groove routed, it can be bent within the bending radius easily on a simple clamping device.


The bending process can be done by hydraulic press or roll forming machine. Bond can be rolled to 15 times the thickness of the panel. Therefore for bond (4mm) the minimum recommended inside radius is 60mm. We recommend using 3 adjustable roller roll-former machine with various dimension to accomplish curve configuration for column covers or rounded edge building corners or pyramid roll-forming.


According to the professional report and analysis from the fire catastrophe the most dangerous are the toxic gases from the burning building material. The bond has passed the toxic gas test ABD 0031 which has been approved for Aerospace material.