Materials for produce insect screen systems

Material for produce insect screen system

Material for produce insect screen system

The Perla Profil as a producer of most sieve gives manufacturers the ability to supplying materials to the company systems and to produce in their field.

The systems are supplied spring vertical movement, horizontal movement, opening system, sliding superposition and many types of system plisse. 


The AMERIKA is an opening modern custom mosquito joined needs of modern people which protects him from pesky insects. The innovative of design and aesthetics add value to the product seen doing any kind of door.


The KIT -39 system is an innovative design system of vertical movement created through the needs of manufacturers and placements for an effective product durable and easy to produce as in the placement.

 It is one of the only systems used as a way of  sistems used as a way of  sidemounting plug, screws performance makes it easy to install and safe. It is also ane of the products due to the ergonomic design makes the product durable.