Plisse Plisse ScreenThe Plisse Screen is a revolutionary product suitable for doors, offers excellent service, great strength, top quality and easy installation.

  • It consists of accordion type screen, made of polypropylene. Available in two colors black and gray.
  • The wires are placed in between the screen provide unlimited resistance in air and in everyday use.
  • Thanks to special plastic fasteners can be easily fitted and removed, but a door way as easily for cleaning or storage.
  • The use of plastic track will prevent users under the driver and thus facilitate cleaningof the floor.
  • Makes it easier to close and you can stopwherever you want.
  • We can cover large openings of 2 meters and 60 cm wide by 1 meter JRB 8th cm,the chrisimopoiontas as flyers, two-leaf clover


Types Type 1 : One Leaf plisse with a maximum opening width and height 1,80 cm 2,60 cm. Type 2 : Double Leaf plisse system with a maximum opening width and height 3,60 cm 2,60 cm. Type 3 : Double Leaf system with a maximum opening width and height 3,60 cm 2,60 cm.

Applications Application 1 : Mosquito one leaf, closed left or right. Application 2 : Double Leaf Mosquito closes in the middle. Application 3 : Double Leaf Drift Mosquito closes the left or right. Application 4 : Asymmetric Drift Mosquito system. Application 5 : Three-Leaf Drift mosquito systems, closed in the middle. Note: Closure with magnet or a brush.


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