The Company



Perla Profil is a company with extensive experience in the market field of aluminum profiles with more than 35 years, that provide qualitative and comprehensive solutions for every construction need. Our company invest a lot on research and development, pursuit of innovative applications and continuous development path, has managed to be a top choice in the aluminum industry. Experienced administrative and technical staff and a wide range of high quality products which meet every demand of modern design and concept of residence. The company has since 2003 certification of the ISO 9001 quality that comes with the guarantee of the British system of accreditation UKAS.


One of the productive activities of Perla Profil is the production of”aluminum rolling shutters” “PVC Rolling Shutters” and “garage doors”. The company is trying to adapt to the needs of today’s market lead to the production of all kinds of Insect Screen Systems(vertical, horizontal,Door type and Plisse). Beyond this, the company provides to manufacturers with our materials to manufacture aluminum & PVC door and windows, aluminum & PVC rolling shutters and insect screen systems as well as full technical support when needed. It also offers its clients gate automation, tubular motors, shower PVC Boxes, metal multiuse doors and fireproof doors.

Our goal is to cover all the needs of a customer and support from a widerange of products aimed at the always quality and fast service.


Main Warehouse 

Perla Profil in the first building engaged in marketing schemes such as aluminum profiles and trading parts and related materials. In this area is also processed aluminium rolling shutters, insect screen systems and garage doors.

In the front side of the warehouse are the account departments office and also all the other departments of the group as well as the meeting room were we organize periodically seminars for professional manufacturers.

Second Warehouse

Second Warehouse

In the second warehouse of the company is located the sale and logistic of PVC profiles from the German company Roplasto as well as one of the two production departments of insect screen systems Plisse.


The company was founded in 1976 by Mr. Christos Angelakaris called “Alouminoemporiki” and established in the city of Giannitsa, having as main activity is the marketing of aluminum series A / T & fittings for doors and windows.

In 1988, having been a successful 12 years, the company has an active sales of aluminum, assuming the exclusive distributor of the series ALPIN for the wider area of Pella.

In 1993 the company recorded a remarkable increase in the aluminum and transferred to new private facilities, in the 3rd Klm of Giannitsa – Thessaloniki National Road.

In 1994, created the first part of the manufacturing company to produce and trade new products, such as security shutters, garage doors and Insect Screen Systems.

In 1995, the trade department of the company modernized with the addition of new series of aluminum profiles. The company extends the legacy components and auxiliary materials, thanks to successful cooperation with leading firms in Greece and abroad. We participate for the first time and international exhibitions and changed its name to ¨ Perla Profil – Christos Angelakaris SA “.

In 1997, the company designs and develops new Rolling Shutter Systems. It establishes new standards in manufacturing rolling shutters quickly and is considered one of the leading companies in the Greek market, thanks to innovations and the innovative design of new products.

In 2001, the company moves into new investment for the entire business, and extending parallel modernisation and premises. A second part of the construction trade aluminum accessories with its move into new space and adding new products.

In 2003, the company owns certification of quality ISO 9001, which comes with the guarantee of the British system of accreditation UKAS.

In 2006, the company collaborates with a new Italian company which produces fireproof doors and moves in marketing these new products having in stock for the basic dimensions intended to cover direct customer service.

In 2007, we move in the upgrade of insect screen system “kit 39″, the vertical automated production facility that reduce the production cost, which makes the product more competitive with and comes to replace the kit 40. The product is based on the European CE standards making it recognizable by the European markets.

In 2008, the market entered a special model of insect screen: Plisse. This model is a revolutionary new product that offers exceptional quality. The company starts marketing and years after led to the production.

In 2010, the trade department of the company modernized with new PVC profile systems. The Perla Profil is now the representative of the German products Roplasto.

In 2011, the company designs and develops new systems roll thermal break and establishes new standards in construction roll.

From the days of its establishment, the company Perla Profil had an upward trend in the Greek market and is today one of the leading Greek companies in the aluminum industry. It has experienced management and technical personnel, and a wide range of high quality products that cover every need of modern design concept of the home.