Aluminium & PVC rolling Shuters

Insessorial & exterior aluminum shutters & pvc


Perla Profil produces on the a series of rolling shutters of aluminum and pvc for customers covering all of their needs. The vertical line provides efficient deliveryof products in short time in combination with the highest production standards. All of our products are designed by specialized research and development department and produce under the stricter standards. The aim is conserved product quality and fast delivery of products.

The series of rolling shutters that we produce are:

Insessorial aluminum shutters:

Straight line-137X137

Straight line-137X175

Straight line-175X175

Straight line-205X205

Straight line -270X270

Curve line-137X175

Curve line 175X175

Curve line 205X205

External aluminum shutters:

137 X 137 Omicron Light

180X180 Omicron Light

205X205 Omicron Light

137X137 / 45

165X165 / 45

180X180 / 45

205X205 / 45

250X250 / 45

300X300 / 45

Insessorial PVC shutters